Lazy Sunday Evening

Is there ever a more relaxing time than a lazy Sunday evening? I am currently laying on the sofa with my laptop, large glass of red wine to my side and a roaring fire in front of me….. is that not the very definition of relaxation?

There is an eerie calmness within the house, a feeling of utter contentment as we all relax in our own separate ways, Lisa has chosen to walk my path, and play with her laptop in front of the fire with a glass of wine, James has opted to be round the corner on the Xbox, but we are all equally at one with the serenity that surrounds us, each of us in a tranquil state that we could only dream of lasting for more than just one Lazy Sunday Evening……….

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The Splash 2005

45z (1)

One of my favourite photographs, I took this in 2005. Used a plate full of milk and then poured droplets of milk into it from a spoon held about 12” above the plate.

I used a dark room and a lamp to light the plate from above and captured the photograph using my trusty Canon 300D fixed to a tripod, I think it was with the standard kit lens too 18-55mm.

This week I had a poster of this image created 30×40” and in my opinion it looks great, not bad from a 6mp image Smile.

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